Cod Salad with St. Agur Cheese


Preparation: 15 min. · Cooking: 20 min.
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At a glance
Blue Cheeses

* 14 oz. cod with the skin
* 7 oz. St. Agur cheese
* 4 potatoes (Charlotte or Rate)
* 2 endives or some white dandelions
* Some radicchio leaves
* 3.3 oz. lager beer
* 1 lemon
* 3.3 oz. groundnut oil
* A few branches of thyme
* Few bay leaves
* 1 small onion picked with clove
* Parsley
* Chervil
* Salt, pepper


* Cook them in their skin, for 20 minutes in a saucepan filled with salted water. When ready, strain them, peel them, cut them into slices and let them cool down.

* Rinse the piece of cod.

* Start to warm up 1 quart of water in a pot, add the ingredients of court bouillon (the onion, the garnished bouquet, some stems of parsley), and season. At boiling point, lower the heat. Start to poach the cod for 10 minutes in simmering water. Next, drain the cod, put it on a board, remove the skin, the fish bone and shred the flesh.

* Rinse and dry the herbs and the salad leaves. Chop the herbs. Slice the endives very finely. Add salt and sprinkle with lemon juice to them.

* In a small salad bowl, mix well the crumbled St. Agur cheese with the lemon juice, the oil and the lager. Add freshly ground pepper to the acquired sauce.

Additional Tips

Set out the chopped endives, the radicchio lettuce leaves, the slices of potatoes, spread the shredded cod, and top it all with the sauce. Sprinkle with St. Agur cheese and snipped herbs.