Beef Tenderloin Pockets filled with St. Nectaire and Polenta Croquette


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* 4 pieces of beef tenderloin, 4-5 oz each
* 4-5 oz. St. Nectaire
* 4 thin slices of smoked bacon
* 1/2 c. polenta
* 2 eggs
* Breadcrumbs
* Oil
* 2 c. milk


Beef Tenderloin:

* Slice open the pieces of beef and garnish inside of pockets with the St. Nectaire.
* Close by wrapping with a piece of bacon.
* Cook the beef tenderloin in a frying pan for about 7 minutes on each side (or until meat is cooked to your taste).
* Deglaze the pan with (Auvergne) red wine to make a light sauce.

Polenta Croquette:

* Prepare the day before
* Cook 1/2 c. polenta with 2 c. milk.
* When almost ready, add the St. Nectaire and 2 egg yolks (save the egg whites.
* Spread on baking sheet, chill and put aside.
* Cut the cold polenta into sticks.
* Beat egg whites and add oil and breadcrumbs made from white or spice bread.
* Roll polenta in flour, then in egg white mixture, and fry.

Additional Tips