Tomatoes Stuffed with St. Agur and Goat Cheese

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At a glance
6 tomatoes
5 oz of St. Agur
10.5 oz of fresh goat cheese
3 drops of Tabasco sauce
6 anchovy fillets
15 black olives
1 garlic clove
1 tablespoon of capers
12 tablespoons of olive oil
Basil-Chervil (parsley) blend
Salt, pepper


Cut the top off of each tomato:

Hollow out the pulp, crush it and put aside.

Salt and pepper, allowing the tomatoes to drain.

Mix the crushed goat cheese and St. Agur , the herbs, 5 tablespoons of oil and the Tabasco sauce.

Fill each tomato with the mixture and return the tomato tops.

Mix the black olives (pits removed), anchovies, capers and garlic.

Adding 8 tablespoons of olive oil (olive tapenade).

On a plate, place a stuffed tomato and pour over the olive tapenade.

Decorate with chopped chives and the tomato pulp.