Madeleines with a Fol Epi Heart


Preparation: 10 minutes - Cooking time: 12 minutes
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At a glance
*2/3 cup of Fol Epi
*2 eggs
*¾ cup flour
*1 / 2 teaspoon baking powder
*3 ½ tbsp. butter
*¾ cup cream
*1 tsp. rosemary
*Salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 465 ° F. Melt butter over low heat. Let cool.

Beat the eggs with melted butter. Stir in the cream, then the flour and yeast. Stir until there are no lumps. Add rosemary, salt and pepper.

Cut the Fol Epi into 4 cubes. Fill 4 muffin cups to half with dough. Insert the cubed Fol Epi and layer with dough.

Bake 4 minutes. Then reduce oven temperature to 355 ° F and continue to bake for 8 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes outside the oven before removing from cups.

Additional Tips

Ideally, use a silicone muffin pan for easy removal. But, place the pan on a baking sheet before filling. This operation could become messy once the cells are filled ... If you are using a metal mold, think about the butter before adding the batter.