Little Pizzas with Peppers and Caprice des Dieux


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Soft-Ripened Cheeses

* 10 oz. commercial pizza dough
* 6 oz. Caprice des Dieux
* 1 red pepper
* 1 green pepper
* 1 lb. tomatoes
* 2 shallots
* 4 tsp. tomato paste
* 4 sprigs fresh basil (or 2 tsp. chopped basil)
* 2 tsp. olive oil
* 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
* Salt, pepper


* Preheat oven to 400°F. Divide the pizza dough into 4 equal parts, roll out into circles (if the dough is pre-rolled, cut it into 4 pieces and even out the inside angle). Put onto a baking sheet lined with baking parchment. Spread 1 tsp. tomato paste onto each piece.

* Remove seeds from peppers and cut into thin strips. Divide them among the pizzas. Bake according to instructions on pizza dough packaging (approximately 8 minutes).

* While pizzas are baking, cut tomatoes into rounds and place in salad bowl with their juice. Clean and chop shallots and add to tomatoes. Add chopped basil leaves.

* In a separate bowl, mix olive oil, lemon juice, 1 Tbsp. lukewarm water, salt and pepper. Pour over tomato salad and toss.

* Cut the Caprice des Dieux into 8 slices. When pizzas are ready, remove from oven and lay 2 pieces of cheese onto each pizza and lightly season with pepper. Put back into oven for 1 - 2 min: the Caprice des Dieux should just begin to melt.

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