Prosciutto Roulade with St. Agur and Dried Prunes


Decadent roulade with St. Agur and Dried Prunes served with toasted raisin bread will not only impress your guests but it's also not difficult.
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4 Servings
Method of preparation for St. Agur Mousse

In a mixer put the cream cheese, butter and 6 oz of St. Agur. Reserve the rest of it of the St. Agur for the roulade. Mix until it has a mousse texture. Remove from mixer and place in a pastry bag.

Method of preparation for the Prosciutto roulade

On a table place a 6-inch sheet of plastic wrap. On top of the plastic wrap place 2 slices of Prosciutto. Then pipe some of the mousse on the middle of Prosciutto and lay strips of St. Agur on the side of the mousse. Top with dried prunes. After this completed tightly roll the roulade with the plastic wrap so that it looks like a sausage. When completed, refrigerate the roulade for one day.

To serve: cut the roulade into small logs on a plate and serve with toasted raisin bread.