Spring Fling Frittata by Marianne with Goat cheese


This is a very easy recipe and great for the one who wants to make a nice breakfast or brunch, and impress their guests.

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Soft-Ripened Cheeses

* Fresh sliced mushrooms chopped- small carton
* 1 green pepper chopped
* 1 yellow or white onion chopped
* Fresh chives (I grow them) finely sliced
* 1 beef steak tomato 1/4 inch sliced if you need more slices start another
* 1 pkg. of Ile de France-la Buchette goat cheese 10 0z
* 1 pkg. cubed ham, or Canadian bacon small cubed
* 1 small pkg. of fresh leaf spinach (wash the leaves)


* Set oven to bake 350 while preparing everything.
* Saute all the above except spinach, chives, ham and tomatoes.
* Make sure you spray the pan and don’t over cook, set aside.
* Lightly cook up the ham and the toss it in with all the veggies back in the pan.
* whip your eggs briskly in a large bowl of your choice and take 3 to 4 tablespoons of the cheese and blend everything together.
* Place sliced tomato on bottom of muffin pan with a soup ladle, pour carefully the egg mixture into sprayed tins, fill just below the rim.
* Place on cookie sheet.
* Set oven at 350 on regular bake or convection.
* Bake until nice and brown about 20 minutes.
* Ovens vary in baking, so keep checking.
* Sauté spinach, and set aside.
* Take out pan and let cool a little bit.
* It is easier if you flip the pan out onto a tray so you can then spatula each one onto the plate you desire, this way it keeps its shape.
* If you try to take it out with a spatula it might fall apart.
* Place a few spinach leaves on top of eggs, take a melon scooper and add a small scoop of cheese on the spinach and use your hand to roll it into a ball.
* It is a nice presentation for your guests and different, because it does not look like a pie as it is usually prepared.
* Enjoy all the compliments, your guests will be impressed as were mine.
* Add slices of whole wheat toast or English muffins with assorted jellies.

Bon Appetit!