Seafood delights with Pont l'Evêque cheese


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At a glance
Soft-Ripened Cheeses

* 2 lbs. "noix de Saint Jacques" (scallops)
* 7 oz. Pont l'Evêque cheese
(without the rind)
* 1 glass of white wine (muscadet)
* A few tbsp of creme fraiche
* Salt and pepper


* Defrost the noix de Saint Jacques.
Soak them in a bit of creme fraiche (for approximately 1 hour).
Then add the white wine (without draining).

* Cook in a saucepan on low heat for 4 to 5 minutes.
Drain the shells. Cook the sauce further to reduce it.

* Add the Pont l'Evêque cheese in small pieces, and let it melt. Top the scallops with this sauce (add pepper, add very little salt).

* Put the whole dish in the oven under the grill until the top is golden. Serve immediately.

Additional Tips