Remember the Monte Cristo sandwich?
For a bit of French flair, melt some Comté into this much-loved classic...
Delectable Comté lines up with other primo ingredients in a salad that's pretty enough to show off - and hearty enough for a main course.

Serve a crisp topping of Comté and bread crumbs over the vegetable of your choice, and voilà! The result is a gratin guaranteed to please.
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Prep time: 15 minutes · Total Time: 50 Minutes · Serves: 6

The unique flavor and creamy texture of soft, warm Chaumes® raise these smoky roasted leeks to new gourmet heights, while the sweet peppers and French grey salt add a specialty flair.

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To make ahead: Simply stuff, brush with oil mixture, cover and refrigerate until ready to cook. Return to step 4.