Pair it up with style and knowledge

Prepare for your next party – or next relaxing solitary culinary indulgence - with our new series of expert cheese, wine and beer pairing instruction videos!

This month, learn the best wines and beers to enjoy with Ile de France brie and goat cheese, Fol Epi and delicious blue St. Agur.

Our host, Michael Landis has more than 25 years of experience with fine cheeses and wine. Landis is the National Training and Merchandising Manager for ANCO Fine Cheese, which produces over 100 types of cheeses in 18 countries, including Ile de France and its collection of fine French specialty cheeses showcased here at

Landis recently recorded a variety of videos filled with pairing tips, facts, flavor descriptions and more. In total, there are 14 videos covering wine and beer pairings for 12 different gourmet cheeses.

Stay tuned – we’ll be adding the rest of the video series right here soon!

Bon Appetit!