Chaumes and Ham Puree Pouches

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At a glance
4 oz Chaumes
20 oz of potato puree
4 large slices of white ham

For decoration:
2 tomatoes
A few green or black olives


Peel the Chaumes and then divide it into cubes. Heat the potato puree in a microwave oven, then add the cubed Chaumes. Mix quickly to distribute them. Do not mix too much. The cubes should not be completely melted.

Place a slice of ham on each plate. Pour the potato puree and Chaumes in the center of the slices of ham, then form ham pouches by bringing the edges together. Secure the edges with a link of raffia (or kitchen string).

If desired, decorate your pouches to look like funny little men by using the tomatoes and olive pieces.

Additional Tips

You may replace the white ham with country ham and serve with a well-seasoned green salad.