La Quiche Gourmandise

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Video with Specialty cheese
Specialty Cheeses
- 1 crust pastry shell ready in mold 9 to 12 in
- Green seedless grapes, 12 each
- Heavy cream 8oz,
- Whole milk 3 oz
- Mint 8 large leaves, chopped
- Kirsh liquor 2 oz
- Eggs 3 whole
- Salt, white pepper
- 6oz Les Gourmandises cheese in pieces


1. Warm up the oven at 400 f
2. Prepare the dough and put it in a tray. Clean the grapes and cut in 2 pcs lengthwise.
3. Mix with a whisk in a bowl the eggs, cream, milk; add salt and white pepper if you wish.
4. Add the kirsh and the chopped mint.
5. Pour the mix in the tart shell. Add the cheese and the grapes equally.
6. Open the oven, place the tray and close. Reduce the temperature and bake at 300f for 25 to 30min.

To check to see if it's done, take a knife and put the tip inside the mix and remove. It is done if the tip of the knife is dry.

Cut and serve with a spring mix salad with walnuts and a light olive oil, lime vinaigrette.