Pissaladières – the French answer to pizza

Pissaladières are one of the most famous dishes from the Nice area. The dough in the authentic pissaladière is thicker than the average slice of pizza, and the traditional toppings include caramelized onions, olives, garlic, and anchovies. Today, many pissaladière recipes include gourmet cheeses such as goat cheese. The addition of gourmet cheese to this classic dish instantly makes it a must try for all pizza, pastry and/or cheese lovers.

Originally it is served in the morning, but since there are many different variations, with many including gourmet cheeses such as goat cheese, it is often now served as an appetizer.

Whether you are already a fan of the pissaladière or you're looking to try something new, we have provided you with the best pissaladière recipes with gourmet French cheese. You'll find an array of different recipes that feature goat cheese to gourmet Brie cheese.

Pissaladière with Tomatoes

Maple Pumpkin, Caramelized Onion and Brie Pissaladières

Bacon & Goat Cheese Pissaladières