lle de France Cheese + Bread + Preserves = Perfection

The best, easiest cheese pairings anytime, anywhere!

Smooth, savory cheese and zesty sweet fruit spreads make it easy to indulge in gourmet flavors. No cooking necessary! Simply spread slice some bread, spread your favorite fruit preserves and top with a luxurious layer of Ile de France Cheese. Epic bistro flavor in an instant!

So make gourmet snack time any time with our top five cheese and preserves pairing suggestions! Creamy, all-natural Ile de France Cheeses create refreshing sweet and salty sensations with

Brie & Apricot Preserves
Try this combination for breakfast and snacks. A warm bagel with gooey Brie Cheese on top is heaven with a bit of apricot preserves on top - a zesty compliment to our ultra-creamy Brie!

Raspberry Preserves & Goat Cheese
Ile de France Goat Cheeses has a famously fresh, salty flavor profile that's delicious the sweetest of preserves – raspberry. Serve it on any pastry. Crumbled goat cheese looks great sprinkled on top of bright red raspberry – and tastes even better! Add sliced almonds on top for delicious texture.

Blueberry Preserves & Etorki Cheese
This sheep's milk cheese has an incredibly smooth texture that's rich with notes of hazelnut. Its silky texture tastes fantastic blueberry preserves. Try it on toasted baguette. Add sliced apples on top and melt the cheese under a broiled for a delicious light lunch.

Grape Jelly & Brie or Camembert
The classic flavor of grape jelly comes alive alongside the creamy textures of soft cheeses like our authentic French Camembert and Brie. Call it a gourmet substitute for peanut butter and jelly and serve it on your favorite sliced bread or whole grain crackers.

Strawberry Preserves & St. André
St. Andre is a legendarily rich cheese with a silky smooth texture that's perfect with sweets. It's a delicious contrast to strawberry's bold sweetness. This combination is more than a snack – add a bit of chocolate sauce drizzle on the side and you've got a light and lively dessert in no time!