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written by Lisa Gowen, June 20, 2015
I love cheese. Thanks for offering another contest.
written by Judy Drew, June 19, 2015
St. Andre is my all-time favorite.
written by K-Squared, June 19, 2015
There is cheese, then there's a cheese that'll make friends and family smile -Thats why I suggest everyone to try ILE De France. This would go to a home to which loves to cook but is limited on funds but always will dream that one day we can travel to see where our favorite food originates - France!
written by Maryse Malone, June 19, 2015
My supermarket is woefully lacking in your choices, but at least they have your Brie, which is my favorite.
written by suzzanne gorman, June 19, 2015
Triple Crème is one of my all time favorite cheeses.
written by lori mclain, June 19, 2015
Who wouldn't love free il de france cheese
written by Lora Machiele, June 19, 2015
I'd love to try them all. especially any goat/sheep you have as it's generally more easily digested and richer in flavor!
Thank you for this opportunity!
God bless you all!
written by Carolyn S R, June 19, 2015
I truly love Ile De France cheeses. They are smooth and wonderful. I hope I will. Thanks for the contest.
written by Toni Haffey, June 19, 2015
Would love to try.
written by Andrew, June 19, 2015
J'adore tous les fromages de la France!
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