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With flavor leftover

Keep the celebrations going with these special holiday leftover tips, which can be used year round no matter what kind of leftovers you pull out of the fridge.

It’s the season of festive traditions – including holiday leftovers! Like many holiday traditions, the leftover has a long history. Everyone has made a turkey sandwich or reheated a plate of mashed potatoes.

Of course, reheating food and munching on cold sandwiches only goes so far – especially if you find yourself with enough holiday leftovers to last a few days. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to turn leftovers into whole new meals with new and exciting flavors. All it takes is a bit of cheese, bien sur!

Leftover gratin

Gratin - a classic French dish and the name of a cooking technique – can be made with many leftover ingredients. Anything topped with a crispy crust of cheeses and breadcrumbs becomes a delicious gratin! A hearty dish, gratin is simple to make and perfect for a warm lunch. Leftover potatoes, turkey, vegetables and more can be combined in a shallow bowl, covered with croutons or breadcrumbs, butter and meltable cheeses such as Beaufort, Comte, Raclette or Emmental, then placed in the oven on broil until a deliciously crispy outer layer forms on top. Voila! Leftovers, au gratin!

Hot Turkey Salad

While cold salads are perfect on warm summer days, hot salads are a delight on cold winter ones. A hot turkey salad with cheese is an excellent, easy-to-prepare dish that turns leftover turkey scraps into a delicious meal.

To prepare the heart of the salad, simply gather the leftover cooked turkey (or ham) and dice it along with celery, slivered almonds, green pepper, onions and other leftover vegetables are available. Add some lemon juice, salt and mayonnaise.

Then take a few slices of Fol Epi or another flavorful, meltable cheese like Morbier and combine with breadcrumbs and a bit of melted butter. Place the salad ingredients in a baking dish, top with the cheese mixture and bake until the top layer of cheese begins to melt into an oozing mix of flavors!

Turkey Mac and Cheese:

As we showed last month, macaroni and cheese is a simple pasta dish that can be endlessly modified with different ingredients. Macaroni and cheese is perfect for experimentation – especially with leftovers. Adding some leftover turkey or ham to your favorite mac and cheese recipe makes for a simple and hearty snack or meal.

For an especially easy dish, melt some Ile de France goat cheese over a premade mac and cheese-boxed meal. Then mix in some leftover meats and vegetables and an instant, well-balanced meal is ready to eat.

Breakfast scramble

Leftover vegetables can get mushy and unappetizing quickly, especially when steamed veggies are served with special holiday sauces. One lovely way to make soft leftover foods more appetizing is to create a simple vegetable quiche!

Simply gather enough eggs to create an egg-veggie mixture that will fill a pie shell, then add some shredded gruyère, salt, pepper and herbs and bake until slightly hardened. Ham, sausage and even leftover turkey can be added in to make for a truly hardy and flavorful leftover recipe!

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