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Wines and other beverages to serve with raclette

A gathering around the raclette grill isn’t complete without an ample selection of beverages to savor along with the fromage. There are several delicious, traditional wine and beverage pairings for raclette. Your experience will definitely be enhanced with these classic choices - but don’t be afraid to experiment and add your own favorites to the mix as well.

To get started, try this quick guide to raclette wine and beverage pairings:

Wine with raclette
A light bodied, dry white wine with ample acidity is an ideal pair for sumptuous raclette. The crispness of the white wine will cut through the creaminess of the cheese, but the dry profile won’t overpower the raclette’s delicate flavors. Try a dry Chenin Blanc or a French white win with your raclette. A low profile red wine can make a splendid pair, depending on how hardy your chosen foods will be. For red wine lovers, a chilled Pinot Noir adds a hint of fruity flavor that’s a great fit with the cheese as well. French burgundy wine is a great choice as well.

The best bet: Fendant white wine. A popular grape in Switzerland and France (where the grape is called Chasselas) Fendant wines are light, fresh and perfect to pair with raclette.

Beer with raclette
While wine is an excellent raclette pairing, a refreshing light beer is another excellent option to serve with a raclette. Look for a brew that’s smooth and has limited taste profile that won’t fight the delicate flavors of the raclette. Most low hops, light bears work well, as will several high end beer types. The spicy fruity flavor undertones present in a saison style beer are delicious with raclette. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more robust, try a strong Belgian pale ale, which will have the same effect while packing a more full bodied profile and higher alcohol content. The best bet: Boulevard brewing company makes a saison farmhouse ale that has a crisp profile and fruity notes that provide a nice contrast to raclette. Blue Moon, a flavor-packed American Belgian beer is an excellent pair as well, as is HoeGaarden, a Belgian style wheat beet that has hints of fruity flavor.

Raclette with hot beverages
Don’t be afraid to add a little extra warmth to your raclette meal by serving hot beverages – you certainly won’t be the first to do so. Traditionally, raclette has often been served with hot tea and other light, warm beverages common during the winter months when raclette is most popular. Try serving a light French tea blend, or a mint herbal tea before, during or after your raclette meal.

Raclette with other drinks
Another traditional drink to serve at you raclette party is kirsch, which is a cherry flavored, clear brandy spirit. Kirsch comes from the same regions where raclette originated and became popular, so serving it will provide a touch of authenticity to your party that will be a great conversation starter. Look for a kirsch from the Alsace region of France to pair with your raclette. The fruity hints of the spirit will be an excellent finishing touch to your raclette party.