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Perfect Pairing: White Chocolate

Chocolate and cheese together – it's a bold, rich combination. There are all sorts of ways to enjoy sweet chocolate delights with our ultra-creamy soft French Cheeses. But to make something extra special, you'll need something unique – white chocolate!

Ultra-luxurious White Chocolate with Brie
Why choose between chocolate and Brie this Valentine's Day when you can pair the two for a doubly delicious extravagance. Add some romance by dipping strawberries in a simple white chocolate sauce, with a wedge of Brie and graham crackers on the side.

White Chocolate Cheesecake
White chocolate isn't just flavorful - it looks incredibly elegant. Perfect for making the ultimate sinfully divine cheesecake. This original gourmet cheesecake recipe features Ile de France Brie but can also be made with our fabulous new Normandie Camembert.

White Chocolate-dipped berries with Etorki Cheese
Any type of berry is delicious with Etorki cheese, which also can be melted into a delicious dip along with a melted white chocolate bar. Chocolate sauce can be dripped onto the cheese itself as well, which makes for a a wonderful flavor contrast.

White Chocolate-glazed St. André
St. André is an incredible creamy cheese that's perfect for dessert. It's scrumptious with any type of melted chocolate. Serve it extra simply - with melted white chocolate spread on and fresh strawberries on the side. Think of it as an ultra easy cheesecake recipe! St. André Cheese can be enjoyed on it's own with a simple bar of white chocolate.