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Welcome to Wine Pairing Wednesdays!

One of the most celebrated and explored culinary combinations, nothing goes together quite like wine and cheese. Join us each Wednesday for a special wine recommendation to savor with Ile de France Cheeses!

Have a favorite wine pairing? Tell us why you love to savor it! Contact us on Twitter, Facebook or in an email to – we'd love to feature you and your favorite wine pairing!

Ile de France Brie with Côtes du Roussillon Village

Below is a wine and cheese pairing from talented blogger, David (@cookingchat). Take a look at his fabulous pairing suggestion below and be sure to check out his awesome blog on cooking recipes, tips & ideas!

"I'm always up for some wine and food pairing fun! I found a winning pairing for the Ile de France Brie. The 2009 Domaine Gauby Les Calcinaire Côtes du Roussillon Villages had nice plummy fruit and a touch of spice. But what really made it work in my estimation was the silky smooth mouthfeel with a long finish. That silky mouthfeel matched very nicely the creaminess of the cheese, so going between bites of cheese and sips of wine was a continuous, pleasurable experience. I suspect you'd do well pairing this Ile de France Brie with other reds from Roussillon with a similar blend, and you might also enjoy it with a Côtes du Rhone with Syrah and Grenache."

Ile de France Goat Cheese with Champagne

This week's cheese pairing recommendation is from wok star and fellow cheese lover, Eleanor Hoh (@wokstar):

"As a wok cooking teacher and Wok Star , I’m always finding new foods to cook in my wok! My husband and I like to experiment with new ways to make omelets interesting and there’s nothing better than adding cheese. Cheese gives omelets another flavor dimension and oompf! Two of our favorites are soft or hard goat cheese and ones that melt like Emmental. This is probably sacrilegious to the French but we slather chili sauce all over our cheese omelets, yum. We like to pair Asian foods with Champagne, Francois Montand sparkling wine because it’s light and not too sweet. When I serve this pairing in my Wok Workshops, people always enjoy it. I also like Vouvray wine, again not too sweet to overwhelm my dishes."

Ile de France Brie with Sauvignon Blanc

This week’s cheese pairing suggestion is from fellow cheese lover and blogger, Stephanie N Torres:

“A crisp barrel fermented Sauvignon blanc and Brie smeared on a thin baguette, topped with smoked salmon & chives – the crisp sweet wine complements the salty, crunchy and creamy dish”

Be sure to follow Stephanie's Twitter: @RnNanaRn

Ile de France Brie with Champagne

Below is a great new cheese pairing suggestion from fellow cheese lover, McKinney Mommas. Check out her awesome blog on food, fun & life's adventures!

“As a new stay-at-home mother and blogger, I'm on a budget, but my cheese palate hasn't died by any means. Brie was probably my gateway cheese, to fancier and "stinkier" cheeses, so I've always had a special place in my heart for Brie. I like to pair Brie with bubbly champagne for a special after-dinner treat. It doesn't have to be expensive, for example the Segura Viudas Brut Reserva ($10) is a very affordable choice and cuts the richness of the Brie cheese leaving a pleasant clean aftertaste. I also love to serve warm Brie with crusty bread and stewed fruits on top for a great appetizer. Simple and affordable, but impresses the guests every time!”

Be sure to follow McKinney's Twitter: @mckinneymommas

Ile de France Goat Cheese with Opala Vinho Verde

A wine and cheese pairing from talented blogger, Caroline Edwards. Take a look at her pairing suggestion below and be sure to check out her fabulous blog on food, travel, and more!

“My all time favorite pairing is making Bacon & Goat Cheese Figs and pairing it with the Opala Vinho Verde. It's a white wine that is crisp and refreshing with hints of apple. The apple aftertaste with the bacon/goat cheese/fig is just beautifully well rounded and delicious. The perfect summer appetizer pairing!”

Be sure to follow Caroline's Twitter: @chocandcarrots

Ile de France Camembert & Louis Jadot Macon-Village

This fresh, brilliant pale-gold Chardonnay shows delicate varietal aromas with flavors of apple and melon offset by citrus notes and a crisp acidic balance ending in a clean, lively finish. The Camembert's flavor profile is more intense than Brie, with nutty and mushroom undertones. When brought together, the two complement each other rather excellently.

Saint André with Cabernet Sauvignon

Deserving of its reputation as “the heavenly cheese”, Saint André definitely lives up to that time and time again. It’s rich, silky with a nice buttery taste that is as bold as Brie can be. A bold cheese yearns for a bold wine and a slightly chilled glass of Cabernet Sauvignon has what it takes to take on this creamy indulgence. The rich black currant, dark chocolate and a very intense berry fruit flavor makes this wine a perfect complement to this exceptional fromage. Pair these two together and you’ll have had a rich and exquisite tasting experience.

Ile de France Roquefort with Chateau Greysac Médoc

Ile de France Roquefort is a creamy cheese with a salty tang, luxurious texture and pungent aroma. Its robust flavor demands a bold wine – a vintage like Chateau Greysac Médoc. Produced just north of the Bordeaux Region of France, this wine brings a bouquet of fresh red berries that’s mingled with notes of cedar and spice. With each sip the palate is engulfed with the lovely red fruits. The rich flavors are balanced by silky tannins. A glass of this Bordeaux wine cuts perfectly through the creaminess of Roquefort Cheese without dulling the delicate taste of either.

Ile de France Brie & Camembert with French White Wines

Sancerre Blanc is a bone dry, highly aromatic wine with intense flavors of peaches and gooseberries. Made in the eastern Loire Valley of France, this white wine is often compared to Sauvignon Blanc because it is made from Sauvignon grapes. Ile de France Brie Cheese is soft and creamy. It complements Sancerre Blanc by bringing out the full fruit flavors and vibrant freshness of the wine. Another white wine, Chenin Blanc, also from the Loire Valley region of France, boasts earthy notes with apple and honey aromas. Try a glass alongside Ile de France Camembert. The earthy, creamy texture of the cheese brings mushroom and nutty overtones that make this soft fromage a great flavor companion with Chenin blanc – together they're a perfect balance of refreshing aromas and creamy textures.

Sure, some people say "this wine is much better with cheese than that wine" or "full-bodied wines only pair with robust cheeses" but there really aren't strict rules when it comes to pairings. There are all sorts of delicious wine pairings – some obvious and some that may surprise. Trying different combinations to see what your palette responds to is part of the fun.

Of course, food lovers universally adore food pairings. With that being said, check out our Wine Pairing Wednesday choices below!