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written by Emilie, Ile de France Cheese Marketing Team, March 24, 2014
Hi Jane,

Thanks for reaching out! Although the Weekly Wheel of Brie has ended, we have a new sweepstakes series called The French Touch: Check it out and let us know what you think!

-Emilie, Ile de France Cheese Marketing Team
written by Jane , March 22, 2014
Hi, The contest at:
Says it has ended but the rules say it doesn't end until 12/29/2014
Is it really over ?
written by Emilie, February 03, 2014
Hi Deacon, Thanks for reaching out to us with your question- we give out an 8 oz. wheel of brie, retailing between $8-$10 each. Thanks!

-Emilie, Ile de France Marketing
written by Maryse Malone, February 03, 2014
Have been making a Brie, sweet potato and red onion using your Brie. Fabulous!
written by Deacon Maccubbin, February 02, 2014
I love your Brie, but before I spend a lot of time entering any contest, I like to know the value of the prize. A "wheel of Brie" could be worth $6 or $7 or $8, or it could be a really big wheel worth -- I don't know how much. How much Brie are you actually giving away to each winner?
written by Arlene Steuber, January 17, 2014
Your Brie is the smoothest of all brands. I love Brie because it is so versatile for recipes. I love your other cheeses as well but Brie is my favorite.
written by Olushka, January 10, 2014
I don't understand how it work:((
written by JACKIE SCHARRINGHAUSEN, December 20, 2013
having parties using your wonderful cheese, Had many rave revues as to the way I served them. Did that not make me happy, happy. Oh yes because they did not think I could cook.
written by Sharon Sinnott, December 15, 2013
I finally got a chance to taste this cheese and it's fabulous! Would love to win a wheel of it.
written by Dawn Elam, December 13, 2013
Emilee, I'm trying to win on all 3 and have been. Thanks for your help.
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