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Warm it up – Cheese and hot drinks

Enjoy your holiday fromage with a hot cocktail

When the holidays roll around it's all about warm celebrations and traditional meals. Sometimes a hot drink is just the right encore at your holiday gatherings.

Hot buttered rum with Ile de France camembert

A smooth and soothing blend with just the right crisp flavor rush, camembert and a hot buttered rum cocktail is a delicieux winter's night combination. To make the drink, simply splash boiling water into a mug, add a tablespoon of brown sugar, one stick of cinnamon and an orange peel with cloves stuck in the skin.

Add a small amount of boiling water and swirl until the brown sugar dissolves, then add your favorite dark rum, a bit more boiling water and top with a healthy dollop of butter.

French coffee with Ile de France goat cheese

Coffee lovers are in luck when it comes to cheese and cocktail pairings. There's all kinds of ways to serve a hot coffee cocktail with cheese. Whether it's called an Irish coffee or a coffee and Bailey's or a coffee mixed with your favorite sweet, creamy liquor there's no shortage of options. Our favorite is coffee with Grand Marnier and a dash of whipped cream.

Serve this delicious French liquor and coffee drink with Ile de France brie cheese and the sweet richness of the drink will provide the perfect palette buffer for the crisp tang of the goat cheese.

Hot tea toddy with St. Agur

Honey makes a great compliment to several gourmet French cheeses. Try pairing a hot lemon-based cocktail with honey and a smooth-textured, true blue cheese such as St. Agur.

Add about half a tablespoon or honey, a pinch of ginger, a third of an ounce of lemon juice and about a shot and a half of your favorite whiskey. The deep smoky sweetness of the honey and whiskey mixture will set your taste buds up for the flavor of the bleu cheese.

Non alcoholic options

Not all you party guests will be able to partake in the adult drinks listed above, but that certainly doesn't mean everyone can't enjoy the hearty flavor of hot drinks with cheese.

Try these French fromages and classic hot winter drink combos:

Hot Cider and Ile de France brie – Apples and cheese are a delicious combo so a hot cider is an excellent option to serve with brie.

Hot chocolate and Emmental – A sweet, luxurious cup of hot chocolate is a wintertime staple. Pair it with emmental and the tinge of delicious saltiness will compliment your favorite hot chocolate delightfully.