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Valentine's with Cheese

Prepare a special Valentine's dinner or snack for your special someone!

Looking for a cheesy Valentine's Treat? From salads and entrées to desserts and wine pairings, there are plenty of delicious options to consider.

For a true cheese lover's romantic dinner, try featuring different fromages at each stage of the meal – with a salad, main course and an after meal dessert and glass of wine.

- A green salad with the fresh, slightly salty taste of Ile de France Goat Cheese is a refreshing way to begin your meal. Try our Asparagus and Goat Cheese Salad recipe for a light, flavorful first course. Consider using strawberries, which go very well with Goat Cheese and can be added to this recipe or used to replace the asparagus.

- Cheeses can easily be used to create satisfying entrés that aren't heavy. It's best to keep things light throughout your Valentine's Day meal, so let the natural flavors of Ile de France cheese shine in simple, flavorful main dishes. This salmon and apple maki with goat cheese is a delightful choice. For something a bit richer, try one of our fabulous Fondue recipes, like the Fondue with wild mushrooms and cognac. Our creamy, flavorful Camembert is highlighted in this Seared tenderloin with mushroom compote` – another romantic option.

- A simple St. Andre Napoleon dessert is a lovely, simple dessert featureing raspberry sauce, melted chocolate and the incredibly creamy St. Andre. If a cool treat is more your style, try a small scoop of vanilla ice cream with smooth Ile de France Brie and sliced apples.

- As for wine, the possibilities are endless. For something different, try a port wine or a flavorful Barsac. Rosé is excellent, too and a celebratory glass of champagne is always a great way to end a meal.

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