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Un café, s'il vous plaît!
It may sound strange, but coffee and cheese can be excellently paired to bring out the unique qualities of one another.

Cheese is a perfect protein-packed food for breakfast or any other meal, so why not serve it with coffee? Setting up a cheese course paired with coffee or espresso is a very continental approach. In different regions of France (North / Alsace / Auvergne) soaking your baguette slices with cheese on top in coffee is an appreciated morning practice. Now days, this widely recognized pairing is steadily gaining popularity in the United States as well.

But how do you know which brew goes best with Brie and which goes with Blue for instance? It’s up to you – but we do offer a few suggestions to enjoy our gourmet cheeses with fresh coffee:

- Well-suited for creamy, soft cheeses are Java, with its exotic, musty-mellow flavors and also Kona, characterized by its rich, nutty notes.Both complement creamy cheeses such as Brie or Camembert.

- Big-bodied Kenyan coffee, with its delicate hints of berries and chocolate, pair amicably with more full-flavored cheeses like Comté or Gruyère, whereas espresso is a nice companion to sharper Blue cheeses, like a Roquefort.

- Instead of cream cheese, reach for some Ile de France Goat cheese to spread on your morning bagel. You’ll enjoy both the nutritional benefits and the flavor. Goat cheese pairs very well with your morning roast, bringing out the brew’s subtle fruity notes.

- A triple cream St André on toast with the chocolaty tones of a dark roast is also a “bon choix”.

- A brunch favorite, try our Brie omelet with mushrooms and spinach with your home brews for a delicious breakfast.

- An excellent choice with coffee is Fol Epi -a cheese with a sweet, nutty flavor. This type of flavor profile is your best bet with any bitter coffee.

- A slice of Gruyère on pumpernickel bread and a cup of dark coffee is sure to put you in a good mood, any time of day.

- Expand your experience by adding breads and fruits, or go gourmet with quince paste, plum butter, or chutney on the side.  The sweet, salty, and sour flavors paired with various roasts create a refreshing balance of flavors.

- And let’s not forget dessert! Our Montagnard Cake with Hazelnuts or Ile de France Goat and Cream Cheese Cake bring a happy ending to any meal served with a fresh brew.

Just as there are innumerable ways to enjoy coffee and cheese together, they can also be served any time of the day.  For breakfast, as an afternoon snack, or after dinner, this is one dynamic duo!

Much like cheese, coffee comes in a plethora of aromas and tastes due to the local climate and region where it's produced. The method of roasting also affects the acidity of the coffee, and the flavors can range from bitter, sweet or spicey, to smokey, citrusy or flowery. Coffee's aftertastes can vary from heavy and creamy, to light and sharp. Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Kenya are a few of the most well known producers.

One of the first steps of coffee pairing is to become aware of the aroma and sensations it offers.  To find the coffee-cheese combo that suits your palate, we suggest experimenting with a range of roasts, growing regions, and flavors. By creatively pairing different varieties of coffee with various cheeses, you’re inviting new taste sensations while discovering your personal favorites.

Tasty Tip: Some like it hot! Their coffee, that is. But cheese should be brought to room temperature before serving.