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Top Five Roquefort Pairings

The best ways to enhance the timeless flavor of Roquefort blue cheese

A few dabs of honey with Ile de France Roquefort creates a fantastic salty-sweet combination that can be enjoyed as an appetizer or snack. Try it with a few different types of honey to find the best flavor. Honeys vary in intensity according to their color, so for a truly robust contrast, go for a dark honey and for something smoother, try a clearer honey. Add almonds for a bit of crunch and a heartier texture.

Roquefort is delicious with all sorts of sweet flavors, and its smooth, salty profile is especially great with sweet, juicy fruits. Try it with apples and pears. Top sliced apples or pears with crumbled Roquefort for a fantastic, easy-to-make salty and sweet delight.

Rosé Wine
The salty richness of our Roquefort makes it a natural pair for a sweet, dry and light rosé wines. Rosé wines are refreshingly acidic, while sweet and dry. They feature delicate flavors that are strong enough to stand up to the fromage and cut through Roquefort's creamy intensity. Red Bicyclette French Rosé has a dry sweetness with strawberry and raspberry flavors that taste great with the classic blue cheese.

Steaks and burgers
Burgers and steaks topped with blue cheese are a naturally delicious combination. The hearty flavor of the meat is a great base for Roquefort's luxuriously salty flavor profile. The creamy blue cheese melts effortlessly and adds a bit of tanginess to steaks. For a blue cheese burger, add lettuce and tomatoes to add crunch and texture to the blue cheese and red meat combination.

When topped with blue cheese, baked potatoes come alive with flavor. Roquefort adds an irresistible pop of flavor to the mellow yet hearty flavor of potatoes. Roquefort easily melts on top of baked potatoes and can also be spread on potato wedges, crumbled over boiled potatoes or used as an ingredient in cheesy mashed potatoes.