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Top Five Ile de France Goat Cheese Pairings

Make our Goat Cheese taste even better with these delectable pairings!

The fresh, salty taste of Ile de France Goat Cheese is excellent with scrambled eggs. Add crumbled goat cheese on top of any egg mixture as it begins to cook to make a hearty, flavorful and easy-to-make breakfast. Goat Cheese also works perfectly as a quiche ingredient because of how well it pairs with tomatoes, peppers and many other vegetables often found in quiche recipes.

Green salads
With a salty flavor profile and refreshing texture, goat cheese is an ideal addition to any salad. When removed from refrigeration, goat cheese crumbles effortlessly and tastes delicious with crunchy green salads. Green Beans are fantastic with Goat Cheese too, and can be served raw with soft Goat Cheese to create a simple appetizer or salad course.

Fish & steak
Because it melts effortlessly and has such a fresh taste, Goat Cheese is excellent with fish. Try melting goat cheese over grilled salmon or on broiled halibut – it will add an exciting, tangy new flavor and texture to compliment the natural freshness of the fish. Our Goat Cheese Stuffed Salmon is an excellent example of this wonderful pairing. Goat cheese also adds a flavorful twist when melted over grilled steaks - making a flavorfully salty addition to any cut of beef.

Spices & herb dip
One of the easiest and most delicious ways to savor the fromage is in a simple, homemade dip with fresh herbs and spices. Goat Cheese easily softens to a texture that can be spread and used as dip. Adding fresh thyme, chili peppers and a bit of olive oil to Goat Cheese makes gourmet dip in no time! Chives, oregano and especially parsley all can be used to make custom Goat Cheese dips and potato toppings.

Concord grapes
Grapes are sweet and acidic, which makes them a great compliment to goat cheese. The saltiness of the goat cheese provides wonderful contrast to grapes' refreshing flavor. Concord grapes are a particularly great pair with goat cheese. Very sweet and crunchy, concord grapes are deep blue or purple in color and are often used to make grape jelly – which also tastes great with Goat Cheese.