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Top Five Ile de France Brie Pairings

These foods make our Ile de France Brie even more flavorful & satisfying

Ham and charcuterie
Ham and cheese goes together on everything from kid's school lunches to gourmet pizzas. Crackers, omelets and pasta are just some of the other ways the two go together. Ham and Brie are a delicious combination because the creamy Brie meshes well with the sharper flavored meat. Together, they can make a tasty and hearty meal out of just about anything. Bacon, sausage and paté are also perfect Brie pairs. The most classic example of this pairing is the ham and cheese sandwich – try our bistro style Croque Monsieur recipe for the perfect gourmet ham and cheese combination.

Apples, berries, pears and many other juicy fruits make fantastic pairings with Brie. Sweet, citrus flavors bite through the buttery cheese, producing a wonderful and unique taste sensation. Try an assortment of berries and a wedge of our creamy Brie. If craving extra sweetness, add some powdered sugar to the mix. Sweet and tart apples topped with Brie are delicious, too.

Honey, sweet chutneys and preserves
Sweet flavor sensations are always a match for Brie and one of the easiest ways to create them is with honey and preserves. Try drizzling some lavender honey on a slice of bread with Brie spread on it. The sweet and salty pairing is light, flavorful and very tasty. Full flavored fruit chutneys and even simple store-bought preserves create unique, distinctive flavors when combined with Brie. Raspberry or fig preserves are particularly excellent with Brie.

Light and medium red wines
Soft cheeses pair beautifully with light to medium red wines and Brie is no exception. The subdued textures and buttery texture of the Brie is a natural fit with refreshing yet not-too-heavy red wine. Try Pinot Noir – it's refreshing for a red wine but packs enough robust flavors to really compliment the fromage. Argyle winery makes an affordable Pinot Noir that's delicious with Brie. Chateau Ste Michelle Wine makes a Cabernet Sauvignon that is also delicious with Brie – watch for a special Ile de France promotion with Chateau Ste Michelle at Heb stores in Texas in October.

Dark chocolate and nuts
Ile de France Brie and dark chocolate are both rich and smooth. Together they make a fantastic simple dessert or satisfying snack. Since chocolates - like cheeses - can vary widely depending on how they're made, this is a combination that offers plenty of flavor sensations. Pick a chocolate you love – you are sure to make a luxurious and delicious pair for Brie. Add some almonds or mixed nuts for some more crunch, flavor and vigor.