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Perfect Pairings: Top Five Blue Cheese Salad Ingredients

Spring is salad time and nothing enlivens greens like blue cheese! Here's the best ways to add irresistible flavor and texture to salads with blue cheese crumbles.

With creamy crumbles of a blue cheese as flavorful as our authentic French Roquefort, it's nice to have a little crunch in the mix. Toasted almonds are an easy way to add a great texture and add a protein-packed addition too. Walnuts are great too. Go for sliced nuts and toasted them in a toaster oven or on a baking sheet until golden brown – a nice alternative to crutons!

Pear Slices
Pears pack just enough sweetness and acidity to provide great balance to Ile de France Blue Cheeses! Pears can be tangy, spicy sweet or all three. Their texture is crisp and smooth, with a lingering sweetness that's spectacular with intensely flavorful cheeses like our Roquefort or St. Agur.

Bacon Bits
A little bit of bleu cheese can enliven any salad and bacon bits are the perfect companion. The bold combination that's delightful with any vegetable mixture and works with all sorts of dressings, especially ranch.

Fresh Raspberries
It's never boring pairing with blue cheese and berries! The sweet berries are awesome with savory Roquefort. It's an intense savory sweet combination that also offers a flavorful blend of creamy and juicy. The combination on salads is divine and can be used with anything dressed with vinaigrette. For an easy-to-make salty and sweet delight, try our Fruity Spring Salad.

To make any salad a hearty meal, simply crumble some chunks of grilled chicken into a cold medley of greens and top with blue cheese crumbles.