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The Secret to Puréed Delights? Cheese!

Cheese purées are warm, smooth delights. From creamy soups to smooth potato dishes, Ile de France cheeses combine deliciously with mashed ingredients.

- For something simple, try sautéing broccoli and onions, then mashing the result and adding Ile de France Brie. It makes for a creamy delight with a satisfying flavor!

- Beets make great purées and pair deliciously with Ile de France Goat Cheese. The earthy sweetness of beets is even bolder when served with our ultra fresh-tasting Chèvre. Add crunchy hazelnuts or sliced almonds for crunch and top with zesty spices like fresh cilantro.

- For something a bit more delicate, try our Zucchini Purée With Ile de France Brie recipe. Mashed zucchini offers a fresh, deep flavor that's perfect with our famously creamy Brie.

- Our Chaumes & Ham Purée Pouches is extra hearty, featuring a potato puree that's bursting with the flavor of melted Chaumes. The ham makes it satisfying enough to be a main course.

- Another fantastic puree is our Saint Albray Trio Of Purées - chopped parsley adds flavor and texture. Add chopped carrots and cauliflower to make the dish heartier.

- This Green Gratin Purée recipe creates a classic pureed treat. Potatoes, broccoli, onions, garlic and cheese make a distinctive taste that's mellow enough to be a side dish with any entrée.

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