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The Joy of Cheese Tarts

Ile de France Cheeses are a festival of flavor inside crisp pastry shells!

With the season of holiday parties upon us, quick and flavorful snacks are needed to fuel the revelry. Savory cheese tartlets make simple hors d'oeuvres full of richly contrasting flavors.

Cheese Tarts in 3 Steps

1. Select the cheese
Serving any Ile de France Cheese with a warm, thin pastry will create a hearty appetizer delight. Our Roquefort is particularly delicious because its incredible creaminess and spicy flavor is enhanced by the crumbly texture and mellow flavor of the pastry. Goat cheese has a zesty flavor that's a great match for the light, flakiness.

2. Make the pastry
The crisp, crumbly and buttery layers of puff pastries - pâte feuilletée in French – are the perfect texture to compliment fromage. For the easiest choice, go with a premade frozen variety. Cutting the pastry into sections and folding the cheese within the pieces is an easy way to create individual servings. Rolling a large section into a tube and slicing will create a delightful swirl pattern. Or you can simply top the cooked pastry with cheese and other toppings and cut it like a pizza!

3. Pick the toppings
Once the cheese and pastry are set it's time to enhance the flavor even further. Our goat cheeses offer a fresh tanginess that's delicious with luscious fruits as well as mellow herbs and vegetables like tomatoes and basil. Roquefort is delicious with sweet berries, any type of fruit or preserves, and honey.

Delicious cheese tart appetizer recipes

• Roquefort, Pear & Honey Tarts
• Goat Cheese, Herb & Heirloom Tomato Tarts
• Goat Cheese Olive & Red Onion Tartlets
• Goat Cheese & Fig Tarts

Pressed for time? If you find yourself with unexpected guests this holiday season, our simple and scrumptious Brie en Croute is the perfect solution! A delicious and easy way to enjoy our Brie as a unique appetizer or dessert, this premade delight features our Brie Cheese topped with chutney and wrapped in a crisp pastry.

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