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That's a Gourmet Wrap!

Add some cheese to your summer wraps and bask in the flavor!

If you like salads you're bound to enjoy wraps too. They're the perfect summer meal; light, refreshing, filling and simple!

Wraps don't require much work; pre-cook any poultry or meat you'd like to use, chop veggies and croutons; break up the lettuce and voilà!

The hardest part about making wraps might be selecting the fromage to use. Many cheeses work very well with both hot and cold wraps and cheese adds exciting flavors and textures to any wrap or sandwich recipe.

With wraps, it's all about the ingredients, in contrast to sandwiches, which can get overwhelmed with heavy breads.

Try these simple wrap ideas, which can be served as snacks, full meals or cut into small portions to make tasty and mobile appetizers!

Veggie and Goat Cheese

The tangy, salty taste and smooth texture of Ile de France Goat Cheese makes a great complement to summer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Chicken or Steak with Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is especially tangy – and delicious with wraps that feature a generous portion of leafy greens and juicy summer veggies. Throw in some cubed chicken or steak and you'll have a hearty wrap that's still light enough for a warm summer night.

Brie, Turkey and Cranberry

Thought the turkey and cranberry combination was just for Thanksgiving? Think again because the combo also makes a refreshing wrap. Fresh cranberries or cranberry sauce can be used, and the brie will create a whole new flavor sensation. Deli turkey can be thinly sliced or cut into small chunks to complete this flavor trifecta.

Ham and cheese Wrap

Classic and simple – ham, some creamy Supreme cheese or Emmental cheese can be combined to make tasty wrap that packs enough protein to give you all the energy needed for summer fun. Add sliced tomatoes and crisp romaine lettuce to the mix for added flavor and some juicy texture.

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