Super Bowl Recipes


On Sunday, February 6, more than 135 million viewers will tune in to watch Super Bowl XXXVIX in Jacksonville , Florida . The majority of those watching the big game will, most likely, be eating food that is delivered in a bag, box or bucket. The marketers of Ile de France fine gourmet cheeses say that viewers don’t have to look past their own kitchens to offer guests delicious snacks that are appealing to all ages.

Cookbook author Kathy Gunst, who has been developing exclusive recipes for Ile de France Brie and goat cheese, says that simply by adding gourmet cheese to favorite snack foods such as pizza and quesadillas can make your Super Bowl gathering more memorable and special. “Homemade pizza is one of the easiest dishes to make and serve to either an intimate group or large party,” says Gunst. “The possibilities for toppings are endless but, instead of using traditional mozzarella, I prefer creating a one-of-a-kind pizza using Ile de France goat cheese, accompanied by fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, olives and anchovies. The tanginess of the goat cheese provides a pungent taste that other cheeses simply don’t.” As a time-saving technique, Gunst suggests using prepared dough purchased from your local pizza parlor.

Gunst also infuses a traditional Mexican dish with a French twist with her Brie Quesadillas (toasted tortillas with melted cheese inside). She recommends using Ile de France Brie as the featured cheese, served with fresh tomatoes, avocado, parsley and scallions. Gunst points out that both recipes can be easily doubled or tripled for large parties. “Guests feel a bit more special when a host serves something obviously home-made rather than take-out,” adds Gunst. “It’s a simple gesture, but one that makes a lasting impression. And with these two simple, great-tasting recipes, impressive results are achieved without much effort.”

Authentic and versatile, Ile de France Brie and goat cheese are available in supermarket specialty cheese centers and gourmet food shops nationwide. In addition to being used as a featured recipe ingredient, the cheeses are ideal for hors d’oeuvres: they can be served individually, accompanied by crusty baguettes or crackers; goat cheese can be used in dips and spreads, and Brie can be served with sun-dried apricots or toasted pistachios.

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