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Summer snackin’ - with cheese
July 2010

Summer snack recipes:

Sliced apples with Ile de France Brie & Honey Nut Topping
- Fruit, nuts, and cheese make this a classic combination.

Mini Boules
- The classic "cheese ball" appetizer goes to new heights with fresh-tasting goat cheese and zesty spring herbs.

Boursalt Verrine
- French verrines are a stylish and delicious snack. Try this one for a truly refreshing appetizer.

Sometimes a delicious summer cheese snack can be as refreshing as a glass of cool lemonade on a hot day. Try these easy-to-make gourmet cheese snacks – they are perfect for a solitary snack on the porch or appetizer to serve friends and family at your next party or backyard ‘que!

Mini sandwiches
Also called sliders, mini sandwiches are fun to eat and easy to make. Show some creativity with your bit-sized snack - cheesy sliders can be created with virtually anything you’ve got laying around the kitchen, making them le goûter with plenty of versatility. Mini burgers are especially popular. If you’ve got leftover ground beef patties from a cookout, save them for the next day, when they can be reheated and served as deliciously cheesy sliders!

Pressed cheeses like Etorki, Fol Epi and Entremont Emmental melt easily over burgers and add a délicieux flavor compliment to the meat, making a delicious complexity of flavors that isn’t overpowering. Blue cheeses add a zest to burgers that makes it a perfect cheese for sliders. A cheeseburger with St. Agur or Contorel Roquefort cheese packs a refreshingly unique flavor. Crumble some blue cheese over your burgers, as it melts as tomato slices and fresh lettuce and viola – a delicious mini blue cheese burger. Cold cuts, pork, chicken, vegetables, jams and preserves and even seafood can be used in sliders as well, so pick your favorite fromage and create your mini masterpieces!

Secret ingredient:
French or Thousand Island salad dressing will make your mini cheese sandwiches even more flavorful and refreshing.

Cheesy canapés
Canapés are bit-sized appetizers that can be as simple or ornate as you want. Generally served before meals – especially at cocktail parties – canapés can also be an indulgent snack that takes surprisingly little effort to prepare. For a summer snack, it’s best to keep canapés simple and cool. Cheese with bread is a classic combination – especially French cheese with baguette – and a simple dab of fromage and a sliced piece French bread can be a light snack or a tasty dessert, depending on what pairings are on hand. Strawberries with St. Albray makes an excellent sweet snack, while Ile de France Goat Cheese or Etorki with pickles on small slices of bread is a tasty snack to satisfy a salty craving.

Sliced fruit or vegetables can also serve as the base of your canapés – tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and peaches make refreshing pairs with many French cheeses and can be sliced to accommodate the cheeses as well as nuts, spreads and other toppings. If using a soft cheese like Ile de France Brie, be sure to take it out of the refrigerator and allow it to warm to room temperature. When runny, the cheese can be embellished with all sorts of other pairings. Rolled cold cuts, sliced seafood, berries and more can be combined to make

Secret ingredient:
Seafood – shrimp, scallops or crab – is perfect to pair with cheese during the summer because it is delicious cold and has a fresh taste. Try serving cocktail shrimp with goat cheese cubes on toothpicks.

Gourmet cheese and crackers
Craving something on the salty side? Hot weather sapping enough of your energy to make cooking seem like an insurmountable task?
If you answered yes – try an all-time favorite of cheese lovers and snackers alike – cheese and crackers! Of course, using French fromage for you cheese and cracker snacks means you’ll need to step up your culinary supplies. Saltines won’t cut it, so stock up some refined crackers to go with your gourmet fromage. Flat bread style crackers are a delectable choice to eat with gourmet fromage. They have a hearty, satisfying taste and texture but don’t taste heavy and aren’t filling, making them a délicieux choice during hot weather.
Any type of French cheese will taste great on crackers. If using a soft cheese like Ile de France Brie, the fromage can be briefly baked to create a creamy dipping sauce.
Step up your cheese and cracker flavors further by adding Plum, apricot, raspberry, cherry or fig jams - preserves that make excellent flavor companions to French cheeses. For blue cheese lovers, honey can be a particularly refreshing compliment to blue cheese like Roquefort.

Secret ingredient:
Fresh fruit makes a perfect compliment to cheese on a hot day. A refreshing selection of berries, grapes or sliced fruits turns cheese and crackers from a snack into a healthy and refreshing light meal.

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