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Fruit and cheese pairings - juicy, smooth & refreshing!

Berries and Ile de France Brie

Smooth and creamy brie tastes great with berries of any kind. The sharp, sweet citrus flavor of berries will refreshingly cleanse the palate after every delicious bite of brie.

For a more hearty snack, serve brie with fresh berries and pistachios. For more of a rich, simple dessert serve berries and brie with shortbread cookies for a delicious finishing touch on a summer meal. Berries that are in season during the summer months include most of the popular varieties, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Peaches with Crème de St. Agur

Peaches are one of the most loved summer fruits and have a sweet taste that is both mellow and full flavored. The complex flavors of peaches are similar to Crème de St. Agur, which is a rich yet smooth blue cheese that is tasty and robust but not overpowering. Together, peach and Crème de St. Agur offer a perfect blend of salty, sweet, juicy and smooth.

The crème's mild blueness is just the right touch for the summer months. Try lightly grilling peaches at a barbeque gathering and serving them topped with the cheese as a uniquely flavorful appetizer.

Melon with Ile de France Goat Cheese

Goat cheese packs a deep flavor that is tangy and slightly salty. Melons are brightly colored, refreshing and as juicy as any summer fruit available.

Together, the goat cheese and melon flavors will contrast to form a powerful flavor and texture contrast that feels both hearty and refreshingly light and natural. Try having some a couple different melons on hand and enjoying them with a few varieties of Ile de France Goat cheese - such as traditional flavor and tomato or olive tapenade.

Papaya with St. Agur

Sweet papaya and salty St.Agur make for a fun pairing that can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a fruity summer sandwich. Papaya are great to serve guests because it is less common than many other popular summer fruits. With it's fruity and refreshing flavor, the papaya offers a deeply sweet contrast to the blue cheese's robust flavor.