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Summer Cheese Balls

Summer appetizers that look great, taste better and are easy to make!

Chèvre Mini Balls
Our soft, fresh-tasting goat cheese becomes an incredible summer appetizer in just a few steps. This recipe takes cheese balls to new heights with a delicious salty flavor and boldly colored texture made of refreshing spices and summer herbs. Other cheeses - like Ile de France Brie, Camambert or St. Agur can also be used.

Strawberry and Brie Cheese Balls
Summer is the best time to savor ripe strawberry flavor. While the obvious pairing for strawberries is other sweets, the fruit's versatility goes beyond sweet combinations. Savory pairings – like Ile de France Brie – can really bring out the intensity of strawberry flavor. Try spreading strawberry preserves evenly over balls of Brie and serving with fresh strawberries.

Blue Cheese, fig and nut balls
Blue cheese and small chunks of fig can easily become cheese balls. Our creamy Ile de France Roquefort provides a savory companion to the sweet fig flavor. A coating of bread crumbs and crushed nuts can be used to cover the balls and give them added definition and texture.

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