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Stuffed Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are fresh, juicy and pack a delicious crunch. The hollow vegetables have a mild flavor that makes them easy to pair with almost any cheese. When baked, cheese-stuffed peppers become a warm and tender treat that's great as a fun side dish, elegant appetizer or even a light entrée. Check out our recipes and start stuffing!

- To prepare a pepper for stuffing, simply cut a slit down the length of each pepper. Remove the inner membrane and seeds, and you're left with plenty of room for cheese! Once stuffed to satisfaction, brush the peppers with olive oil and bake for approximately 25 minutes or until the peppers are tender.

Prosciutto & Brie Stuffed Bell Peppers
Italy and France work together to create this rich and salty stuffed entrée. Chop bites of cured proscuitto into bite size pieces, then stuff into your peppers up with heaps of Ile de France Brie cheese. The pepper will become tender, the prosciutto will provide a salty crunch and the brie cheese with melt to perfection.

Roquefort & Jalapeno Stuffed Bell Peppers
With a pungent flavor and creamy texture, Roquefort is a luxurious cheese that doesn't lack in flavor. For a more intense stuffed pepper experience, try stuffing mild bell peppers with a few scoops of Ile de France Roquefort cheese. To complement the saltiness of the cheese, try adding a few jalapeno slices into the pepper before baking. If you don't want it to be too spicy, take out the inner membrane and seeds of the jalapeno pepper.

Goat Cheese, Bacon & Corn Stuffed Peppers:
This stuffed pepper really packs in the flavor; tangy, salty, and sweet! Baked Ile de France Goat Cheese takes on a deliciously melted texture and provides a mild tang. To contrast the goat cheese, bites of salty bacon and sweet corn take this stuffed pepper to true gourmet heights.

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written by Edward Steele, November 13, 2014
The Prosciutto & Brie Stuffed Bell Peppers are by far the most interesting coupling. I've always thought that the bell pepper is so under used as the main focal point of a dish. This has opened my imagination and I will start to rethink the simple Bell.

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