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Stick with Healthy Flavor

Veggie Sticks with Cheese make healthy diet resolutions easy!

When served with a bit of flavorful cheese, fresh bundles of vegetables will get any cheese lover's taste buds ready for savoring! Veggies become flavorful, easy to eat delights when served in stick form with fromage. Try these serving tips for an invigorating snack or side dish.

Veggie shots

Arranging shot glasses filled with raw or slightly steamed vegetable sticks is a fun and easy way to present an ultra healthy snack or appetizer.

Simply cut carrots, red peppers, cucumbers and celery into sticks, place them into clear shot glasses and serve with cubes of hard cheese and dollops of soft cheeses!

Just a bit of blue cheese like our new Roquefort is all it takes to add great flavor contrasts to the vegetables. The earthy, full flavored creaminess of Ile de France Camembert is another great choice to serve with crunchy vegetables.

Veggie bundles

Another fun way to present veggie sticks is making "veggie bundles" and serving them with a delicious dose of cheese. Asparagus is an especially healthy and delicious vegetable to serve in this manner, and already comes in stick form!

Trim the ends of slightly cooked asparagus along with red and green pepper strips. Make sure all are about the same length. Add a long, slim piece of a hard cheese like Etorki to the mix and arrange in a bundle.

Then use a green onion stem to tie the vegetables and cheese together in a lovely and flavorful bundle!

Vegetable & cheese kabobs

If veggie sticks aren't your preferred vegetable serving methods, try chopping your favorites into chunks and serving them on skewers along with cubed cheese and paté. It's easy to create colorful and delicious combinations this way. Include bright red cherry tomatoes and brilliant gold Comté for a truly flavorful combination.

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