St. André

Deserving of its reputation as "the heavenly cheese," St. André might have an angelic façade, but there is no doubt, that it's actually straight-up sinful. Enchanting and celebratory, inside the downy rind you'll find a rich center that adds up to 70% butterfat. Seventy percent: a magic number that tells you this is the cheese for an opulent life, an every day delight and decadence. From the coast of France to your table, St. André is lavish and rich enough for the most special occasions, but merits a place on your daily menu.


Ile de France St. Andre CheeseCrafted in Coutances, in the Normandy region of northwestern France, St. André is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese, covered with a satiny, edible rind. Soft-ripened, the downy white outer layer offers a complex counterpoint to the wildly rich and silky center. As dense as pure butter and with the richest of flavors, the tongue-pleasing salty tang derives from the ocean air blowing through the paturages of the Normandy coast. Produced in the shadow of the mystical island of Mont Saint-Michel, St. André cheese is just as breathtaking as the landscape of the surrounding Cotentin Peninsula.


St. Andre & Red Hook IPA ( American India Pale Ale)

St. André is a soft ripened cheese that's very rich and has a full, buttery taste. Red Hook IPA is a true English-style bitter. The distinctive style was developed by British brewers in the 1700s. They created the sturdy beer to survive long sea journeys to distant colonies. The hoppy favor lends a great deal to the buttery taste of the St. André cheese, giving them both a subtle, nutty flavor. To keep this combination simple, serve the St. André sliced with some crusty French bread, and offer frosted mugs of the Red Hook.


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written by MNDeb, March 15, 2013
We can get this at TARGET?? I'm there- tomorrow! If I can find this at Target- it will be one more reason I like the store. And I also have Byerly's near me...near enough to go check out if I can find St. Andre cheese. I SO want some. At the moment, my fav is brie.. We do it each week, I love it with raspberry jam on it...
written by dta, April 23, 2012
Man, I'd eat it at every meal if I could afford it. At least until that first heart attack.
written by Anja, April 15, 2012
I love St.Andre. I buy it at Trader Joe's once a week. My husband also finds the cheese great and he enjoys it with caviar.
written by 3xTheLuck, September 09, 2011
Thank you for this wonderful Triple Creme! It has allowed me to share Brie with some of my friends who had never had a Brie they liked. Grandma in MN you can find it at Byerlys, Target, and most of the grocery stores now. It is also at Costco! To me it would be worth a membership just to buy my cheese! I am excited to serve this Saturday with my wine club. I will be pairing it with caramelized onions and a balsamic glaze, as well as a cherry puree for another taste.
written by Tom, June 30, 2011
I recently bought this cheese at DeLallo in Jeanette PA, for just under $12/pound. Worth every penny ... easily the greatest brie I've ever had, and I'm a total snob when it comes to these kinds of things. Wonderful melted, or on a simple sandwich (or, better yet, melted on a simple sandwich). I try not to think about what this is doing to my cholesterol!
written by Teresa, February 24, 2011
Isn't this cheese actually made with raw milk + pasteurized milk? This should be confirmed, as I am pregnant and used to love eating this cheese before, but have read that I can not eat it now since it is made with raw milk.
Am I misinformed?
written by monica, January 28, 2011
I tried this cheese at a popular market and since then I loved it!!. The only problem is to find it. No all markets carry this product.
written by Grandma, October 07, 2010
What I would love to know, is WHERE can I buy these cheeses here in MN?
written by TONYA CHILES, May 14, 2010
written by Roger Deming, May 06, 2010
Great Cheese comes from Brie
written by Keith, March 21, 2010
A package of Saint Andre is approximately 7 servings. Keeping that in mind, cut appropriately. This is a product where less is more, and a little goes a long way. I have found it to be a great addition to warm meat/fish sandwiches rather than slices of regular cheese. In fact, it replaces both the usual cheese slice(s) and the dressing! I'm going to have to fry some bacon, add chocolate, and then some Saint Andre -- and because I'm a wild child, maybe some Tobassco sauce! :)
written by Andrew Graumlich, February 17, 2010
I had a question: I just bought some of this cheese, and all of the ones in the store have a soft, fuzzy top to them that is different from the sides and bottom. It almost feels like a layer of mold. Is this a cheese that is SUPPOSED to have a layer of mold on top of it? All of the ones in the store cooler had the same look to them.
written by Frank, October 29, 2009
The ammonia smell means it's been too tightly wrapped for too long. You can try leaving it uncovered for a few minutes/hours which will let the ammonia evaporate, but if the ammonia is still too strong, it probably means the cheese is just too old and should be cooked into a dish.
written by Angelica, October 09, 2009
I'm not a cheese expert so here's my simple review. I tried this cheese tonight and loved the texture but found the taste to be too salty. I prefer the regular double fat brie with fresh fruit. I couldn't eat this St Andre's with the fruit because for some reason it made the fruit taste bitter.
written by Fleurette Boutin, October 08, 2009
I have had St. Andre cheese before but this last container, the coating has a strong smell of ammonia, the cheese is the same as usual, is this normal or is there something wrong??
written by GENEVIEVE WARREN, September 05, 2009
I love all french cheeses, camembert is my favorite, so many of them..............and the goat cheeses!
written by Alex Dubernard, May 11, 2009
This Cheese is sooo Creamy! I love it!
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