St. André

Deserving of its reputation as "the heavenly cheese," St. André might have an angelic façade, but there is no doubt, that it's actually straight-up sinful. Enchanting and celebratory, inside the downy rind you'll find a rich center that adds up to 70% butterfat. Seventy percent: a magic number that tells you this is the cheese for an opulent life, an every day delight and decadence. From the coast of France to your table, St. André is lavish and rich enough for the most special occasions, but merits a place on your daily menu.


Ile de France St. Andre CheeseCrafted in Coutances, in the Normandy region of northwestern France, St. André is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese, covered with a satiny, edible rind. Soft-ripened, the downy white outer layer offers a complex counterpoint to the wildly rich and silky center. As dense as pure butter and with the richest of flavors, the tongue-pleasing salty tang derives from the ocean air blowing through the paturages of the Normandy coast. Produced in the shadow of the mystical island of Mont Saint-Michel, St. André cheese is just as breathtaking as the landscape of the surrounding Cotentin Peninsula.


St. Andre & Red Hook IPA ( American India Pale Ale)

St. André is a soft ripened cheese that's very rich and has a full, buttery taste. Red Hook IPA is a true English-style bitter. The distinctive style was developed by British brewers in the 1700s. They created the sturdy beer to survive long sea journeys to distant colonies. The hoppy favor lends a great deal to the buttery taste of the St. André cheese, giving them both a subtle, nutty flavor. To keep this combination simple, serve the St. André sliced with some crusty French bread, and offer frosted mugs of the Red Hook.


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written by Riccardo Zoran, October 24, 2015
As Connie said, freezing cheeses alter their textures: (a) while they are frozen and (b)after they return to room temperature. Unfortunately the new textures are much less desirable.
An interesting personal story about St. André of some 35 years ago (when it was still made Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Aveyron), we had a party in the Main Line of Philadelphia, with many tables with food, one smallish table had only 2 cheeses: a whole brie, and a whole St. André cylinder; each had a 1/8 cut next to it. Crackers and bagette-slices were there.
At the end of the party, I notices that about 60% of the brie was still there, and 10% of St. André had been chopped into nothing.
written by Connie, August 10, 2015
Should cheese be frozen? Most that I have frozen tasted fine but the texture was altered. What about freezing triple crime St Andre? With only two people eating cheese it is difficult to buy large quantities.
written by Lanie, May 10, 2015
I just had a cheese of yours today--but not sure which one. It was wonderful! It was the texture of a creamy goat cheese, a tad crumbly but moist and the rich cream taste. Please let me know which it may be- I would be a regular once I find it! Im not a conisseiur but it was fabulours:) thanks!
written by Emilie, October 22, 2014
Hi Jeanie,

That sounds delicious, thanks for the suggestion!

Emilie - Ile de France Marketing Team
written by Jeanie Daniel, October 22, 2014
Has anyone tried St. Andre with lemon curd on top served with gingersnaps?
written by Emilie, February 17, 2014
Hi Diane, thanks for commenting! We're so glad you like our St. Andre! A little goes a long way with this decadent cheese! It's always best, of course, to check with one's doctor before making any significant changes to one's diet, but as with many things: everything in moderation!
-Emilie, Ile de France Cheese marketing team
written by Diane, February 16, 2014
Love it. Will eat a couple slices every day till my first heart attack, then back off to a slice every day.
written by j, February 15, 2014
I love to pair IPAs with a rich triple cream brie, but may I suggest that you do not serve the beer in a frosted mug... ipa's are best severed at cellar temps; just as cheese derives it's maximum Flavour from proper temps; so too does beer. if you must have it cold... fine, but frosted mugs do nothing but damage to your beer.
written by MARYJAYNE K MURPHY-ROSITO , May 04, 2013
If u live in Florida Publix and target supercenter w groceries centers carry this cheese, it's ok I love blue cheese and Gorgonzola but its similar to that to explain it to someone it tastes like a Mild blue cheese Butter...very rich n creamy
written by MARYJAYNE K MURPHY-ROSITO , May 04, 2013
Nice flavor not crazy on texture I live in palm coast fl and Publix grocery store sells this as well as Target supercenter
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