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Spicing up fromage
Herbs and spices make it easy to add even more flavor to your favorite cheese recipes!

French cheeses are flavorful on their own, but sometimes a little extra pizzazz is in order – and herbs and spices are the perfect tools

Follow these pairing tips and you'll have a fully custom cheese flavor profile in a snap.

Hard cheeses

Thyme and sage have pleasant, smooth flavors that tend to balance all the flavors of a given dish, making them excellent spices to use with many cheeses.

Hard and hard-pressed cheeses particularly benefit from sage and thyme. Comte Charles Arnaud cheese is lovely with thyme especially. Both spices are a fantastic way to spice up gratin and cheese soup recipes, as well as any dishes that features red meats.

Ile de France Goat Cheese

Our goat cheese has a fresh taste that provides an excellent palette for herbs and spices.

On its own, goat cheese can be made into a simple, fresh dip by adding freshly chopped thyme and a pinch of chopped chili and olive oil. Chives are excellent with goat cheese as well and together create one of the most flavorful potato toppings there is. Oregano and basil are a perfect complement to goat cheese, too, as oregano offers a savory and peppery flavor that is balanced by basil's touch of sweetness. Our Tomato and Basil Soup with Goat Cheese recipe is a great way to savor this combination.

Ile de France Brie Cheese

Sage, rosemary and chives are lovely with creamy Ile de France Brie. Mild dill offers a unique flavor companion to Brie, as well. Dill's refreshing and slightly tangy flavor tastes fantastic along with Brie's buttery texture and deep flavor. Oregano blends well Brie, as it does with many other soft cheeses, like Ile de France Camembert.

Blue cheeses

Blue cheeses like Roquefort and St. Agur are full-flavored on their own and don't need much embellishment. On sandwiches or within salads, though, a bit of mild spices add a little something new to the flavor.

Fennel tastes like anise – it has a bit of a licorice flavor – and adds a nice, mild flavor note to the blue cheeses. This combination creates a very inviting taste, especially in eggs and salads.

Garlic can also be added to blue cheese, especially when making any type of sauce for pasta, and black pepper goes great with blue cheese salads as well