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Spice Up Turkey with Cheese!

If you're like most foodies, turkey is on your Thanksgiving menu. While the feast is sure to be delicious, the leftovers can be dull. Don't let it happen! Ile de France Cheeses turn standard turkey sandwiches into savory sensations.

So in honor of Turkey Day, we're presenting our favorite cheese and turkey pairings that are perfect for post Thanksgiving savoring. Don't limit these flavors to the holiday season though – they are delicious all year long. With turkey leftovers, it's best to get creative – so mix and match flavors and try these tips anytime turkey is on hand.

Turkey, Brie, and Apple Grilled Cheese
Brie is a great addition to grilled sandwiches and really brightens up turkey with its creamy profile. Brie is famously delicious with juicy apples, so this combination is a big time fall treat. Try it with sweet, crispy apples for a totally unique take on grilled cheese.

Blue cheese, cranberry, and turkey bundles
If you have leftover turkey, it's a good bet they will be some leftover cranberry sauce, too. Mashing both together is a super simple way to derive every last bit of flavor from your Thanksgiving feast. Combine diced turkey scraps with cranberry sauce and mix in a bit of Roquefort or St. Agur. Our new Crème de Bleu makes a perfect mixture, too. Serve on hearty rolls.

Turkey and Camembert Open-faced sandwiches
Diced turkey meat really goes well with cheeses – it has just the right balance of flavor and texture that makes cheeses pop. Mix some of our authentic French Camembert with a bit of salt and pepper, some scallions, and chives and serve on English muffins.

Turkey and Goat Cheese quesadillas
Sandwiched out? Here's an easy cure – turkey and cheese quesadillas! A delicious blend of sweet and savory flavors, cranberry sauce, and Goat Cheese create a zesty companion for turkey. Just mix the three together on top of your favorite tortillas and fry into a crispy delight.