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Soft French Cheese with Summer Berries

Refresh yourself this summer with a classic combination that's a real annual treat – sweet summer fruits and savory gourmet cheeses.

Ile de France Cheeses are famously creamy and deliciously savory. They really bring out the natural sweetness of summer fruits - especially sweet berries.

- Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are perfect with a wedge of our cool and creamy Brie. Serve plain and fresh or tossed with sugar or lime zest. The sweet citrus flavor of berries cleanses the palate with every bite.

- Go extra luxurious with St. Andre – chocolate dipped strawberries and the heavenly creamy cheese make a simple dessert with all of the flavor of a high-end cheesecake and none of work!

- If Salads are more your summer style, we have just what you need to savor something ultra fresh. Indulge in some rich, creamy Ile de France Goat Cheese! Its zesty, earthly flavor is a great contrast for ripe strawberries. Go with fresh spinach, sliced walnuts, sliced strawberries with crumbled goat cheese and a dash of your favorite vinaigrette dressing - the perfect warm weather salad!