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Snacks on the Go - Healthy & Delightful

Keep the flavors and the nutrients flowing all day long with easy, on-the-go snacks and lunches featuring cheese and healthy ingredients. Pack these flavorful combinations in sandwich bags to enjoy guilt-free snack time any time.

Ile de France Brie with Apples and Pears – Fueling up for a morning workout, getting an afternoon energy boost or tackling hunger between meals is easy, healthy and delicious with this classic combination. Slice apples and pears and enjoy with cubes of Ile de France Brie.

Ile de France Goat Cheese with Nuts – Our authentic French Goat Cheese makes an excellent pairing for mixed nuts – the fresh, tart tang really contrasts with nuts' dry, hearty goodness. Almonds, walnuts and pecans are an excellent, low fat source of protein. For a healthy and simple snack, just add some crumbled goat cheese to unsalted mixed nuts. Mix them together and savor with a spoon!

Fol Epi Cheese with Blueberries – Sweet berries are bursting with vitamins and minerals and have a sweet taste and popping texture. Blueberries are just the right pairing for Fol Epi, a protein-rich cow's milk cheese that's smooth and scrumptious. The balanced taste and texture of this snack can be a lunchtime sandwich side or a hearty snack.

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written by Ile de France Team, January 12, 2016
Hi Anne,
Our cows graze freely in lush pastures and we have a dedicated rBST-free milk supply to insure only the freshest milk is used in our cheeses.
written by Anne, January 12, 2016
Do u cheeses come from cows that graze naturally and not treated with hormones and antibiotics
written by sarah, February 02, 2015
I just watch for commercils

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