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Smokey Summer Flavor Fest: Deli Meats with French Cheeses

From buffet platters to snacks and light meals, summer is the time for quick and easy dishes. Smoked deli meats and Ile de France Cheeses make it easy to fast-forward your flavor preparation.

Smoked flavors delighting foodies is nothing new. When cave dwellers dried their meats, campfire smoke gave stored meats a unique, vigorous flavor. These same smokey flavors are enjoyed now more than ever. Just visit the deli counter of your grocery store - smoked ham, turkey and bacon are always available – grab some cheese, too, and you're on your way to flavor town!

Smoked Turkey & Ile de France Brie
Smoked turkey has a rich, gamey flavor and a smooth and creamy cheese like Ile de France Brie is a perfect complement. Great on a party platter, serve bites of turkey and Brie with pretzel sticks or make gourmet mini sandwiches with apple slices.

Smoked Ham and Ile de France Roquefort
Ham is sweet and salty and when it's smoked, the flavors are intensified. For a flavor-packed snack, try spreading some bold Roquefort on crackers and topping with smoked ham slices. For an awesome salad, mix arugula, crumbled Roquefort, smoked ham, and chopped pear.

Bacon & Camembert
Salty, crispy bacon needs a bold creamy cheese to stand up to its flavor. Camembert is a bit more robust than Brie, but still has that irresistible creaminess. The contrast between creamy Camembert and crunchy bacon makes for easy gourmet sandwiches – just add fresh tomato slices.