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Six ways to enjoy Blue cheese
October 2010

Blue cheese isn’t just for salads – it’s a versatile cheese that can add major flavor to everyday meals as well as special recipes. A strong scent, powerful flavor and dense, creamy texture define blue cheeses. The unique flavor of blue cheese means it’s perfect for sprucing up old standbys and creating délicieux new flavor combinations.

While Bleu cheese has a strong flavor, it is surprisingly versatile. There’s an array of delicious ways to enjoy it – here are five of our favorites:

Soup & Sandwich
– Adding blue cheese to everything from ham sandwiches to turkey burgers will make the ordinary come alive with flavor. Perfect for a workday lunch or a no fuss weekend diner, try a fruit infused sandwich, such as a pear flatbread with St. Agur, or keep it classic with a simple blue cheese burger or roast beef sandwich. Blue cheese also goes well with bacon, and can easily be added to a traditional BLT to create a divin sandwich.

Italian style delights
– Pizza, Lasagna and all sorts of pastas are excellent ways to show off the flavor and texture of blue cheeses. Bleu cheeses melt extremely well, making them perfect for pasta recipes, like our creamy St. Agur penne pasta.

Simple pairings
- Roquefort is a blue that’s considered the most famous of all the French fromages, and it is often best enjoyed in simple ways. Try it with apples and pears, or drizzle a bit of honey on it to create an instant salty-sweet delight.

Side dish with entré flavor
- A cheese as flavorful as a French bleu doesn’t need much accompaniment to be enjoyed. Spreading Crème de St. Agur on a baguette makes a delicious companion to any meal – and on its own is a delightful snack or appetizer. Potatoes can attain a whole new level of flavor when garnished with blue cheese. Mellow-flavored on their own, potatoes are divin with parfumé-complet fromage. Bleu d’Auvergne and Fourme de Ambert can be melted on baked potatoes or spread on potato wedges - or simply crumbled over boiled potatoes.

– The classic use of blue cheese, blues punctuate salads in a way few other ingredients can match. A little bit of bleu cheese can enliven any salad. Whether simply crumbed over a simple vegetable medley or incorporated into a special recipe, blue cheese in salads can’t be beat when it comes to flavor. Try our Creamy Roquefort Salad recipe, which features a warm bacon dressing. Our Cod Salad recipe features St. Agur Cheese and a zesty lemon accompaniment.

– While cordon bleu is a classic recipe, a cook can combine chicken and blue cheese in even simpler ways: Blue cheese can be melted over a chicken breast, made into a creamy sauce and poured over chicken in pasta, or crumbled over chunks of grilled chicken in a cold salad. Either way, blue cheese and chicken is a ravissant combination.

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written by steve Jacobson, October 12, 2010
I like to melt a big amount of blue cheese in a bit of butter and pour it over a steak. It really adds to the flavor.

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