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Simple and Zesty

Fruit, cheese & wine make a for a divine summer evening.

Pairing cheese with fresh summer fruits creates a satisfying and delicious combination. Add some complementary wine and you'll have everything needed for a fantastic summer night!

Fruit, wine and cheese pairings are simple and rely on a basic food compatibility rule; smooth, creamy, salty sensations are enhanced and balanced by crisp, citrus, and sweet sensations.

The fresh-tasting Ile de Frane Chèvre goat cheese, Brie cheese and new Normandie Camembert are perfect to pair with fruits because of their smooth, creamy texture and deep flavor profiles.

These soft cheeses naturally bring out the tangy sweetness of summer fruits like peaches, berries and melons.

A flavorful blue cheese such as Roquefort or creamy St. Agur pairs well with the sweetest of summer fruits - think ripe peaches - because of their naturally salty profiles. The contrast is tasty and refreshing.

The sheep's-milk cheese Etorki, with its smooth, velvet-like texture and rich hazelnut flavors, will extenuate the crisp, juicy flavors of summer fruits, especially cantaloupe and other melons.

We suggest gathering your favorite cheese and fruits and serving them together on a traditional platter. Add some sliced baguette or flatbread crackers to create a heartier presentation. The pairings suggested above can also be used to make simple green salads or added to many light salad recipes as well.

As for wine, summertime calls for lighter, fruity choices, which pair especially well with cheeses that are buttery, like Ile de France Brie and Normandie Camembert as well as our tangy goat cheese.

- Chardonnay offers a sweet aroma of almonds, anise and citrus fruits. It brings out the herb flavors of many cheeses, which in turn complements the fruit flavors of the wine.

- Sherry wine is made from white grapes and packs a sweet flavor that's delicious but not over-powering, making a nice pair for blue cheeses as well as flavorful hard cheeses like Comté.

- Louis Jadot Beaujolais Village, which is zesty and features strawberry flavors as well as peppercorn notes, is a lovely choice to pair with our tangy, fresh-tasting goat's cheese.