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Secrets of Verrines: Vary your Verrines with Simple Spring Ideas
April 2010

4 Quick tips for your Verrines

1. Verrines are best served in tall, thin shot or cordial glasses. You can think of verrines as little “shots” of flavor for your guests.

2. Be sure to use transparent glasses that will showcase the verrine’s varied layers.

3. Estimate four to six “shots” per guest. (When it comes to liquor, however, you might want to cut down on that number!)

4. Verrines can be made ahead of time and refrigerated. When preparing our Spanish verrine, the aioli itself can be made in advance and refrigerated; just bring it to room temperature and stir thoroughly before using. Can’t find Spanish pequillo peppers? No problem – substitute roasted red peppers.
A colorful verrine – the popular French dish served in a small, clear glass – is the perfect item to hand guests at spring gatherings.

Fun, cool and convenient, verrines enhance parties with their stylish looks and easy mobility. Imagine your friends and family milling about chatting while eating out of an elegant glass filled with layers of bold flavors, textures and colors!

Developed around 2001 by Parisian chefs, verrines now are one of the hottest trends among American chefs and entertainers. They have a structured design that looks complicated and delicieux but in reality is simply delicious. Making them couldn’t be simpler!

Today colorful verrines often adorn the windows of Parisian specialty food shops, the perfect display case for the colors and textures each verrine shows off. But you don’t have to be a top chef to design you own très bon verrines.

Here are two extra facile verrines – so be the first of your friends to serve this sophisticatedly fun dish!

Quick Fresh App: Goat cheese fruit verrines

Want the style of verrines in the absolute minimum amount of prep time? The Ile de France Goat Cheese and fruit verrine is your choice. It’s a great example of the verrine making process: Take three things that go well together and artfully arrange them in a small, clear glass.

Simply mix goat cheese and honey together with a hand mixer into a fluffed compound (the ratio of goat cheese to honey should be about four to one). Add a large dollop of the cheese mixture to the bottom of a large clear shot glass or similar lowball style glass. Top that with a layer of blueberries, followed by another layer of the cheese-honey mixture and another layer of a different chopped fruit, like raspberries or pears.

In just a few minutes you’ll have a delicious and unique verrine filled with fresh flavors – simply perfect for a casual spring gathering!

Quick Light Treat: Chocolate Strawberry St. Albray verrines

Sweet, cool and crisp, dessert verrines is the ideal finishing touch for a warm spring evening. Festive in style and sinfully flavorful in taste, a verrine with chocolate mousse, strawberries and St. Albray is sure to be as big a hit as a bright sunny spring day.

To make it, simply spoon the bottoms of your glasses with St. Albray cheese. Add a dense layer of chocolate mousse, and a top layer of chopped strawberries or a thick strawberry sauce.

For the mousse, use your own favorite recipe or, if you want something extra simple, try this:

Whip a pint of heavy whipping cream until it peaks. Add about a pint of fudge ice cream topping and three teaspoons of cocoa. Mix the ingredients together and freeze until the mixture is dense enough that your strawberry topping rests comfortable on top of it in the verrine!

This verrine combination not only makes for fabulous flavor - it also packs a big time visual punch with a striking cream, brown and bright red color combo!

More Secrets of Verrines

Experiment with the flavors you like best:
Verrines are popular with chefs in large part because they present unlimited options, so pair what you like. Remember, verrines can simply be three layers of complimentary ingredients - or can be much more complicated and include various artfully arranged dishes and seasonings.

Take advantage of the versatility of verrines:
While most commonly served as appetizers and desserts, verrines can also be served as main courses, especially at parties that don’t include a sit down meal. Consider transferring whatever you’d normally serve on a plate into a glass! For example, if you planned a meal featuring meat, potatoes and cheese, you can arrange a portion of each in single serve glasses to serve to each guest.

Finish with a flourish
A verrine is a visual dish; so don’t be afraid to show off your artistic side with the presentation. Garnishes can be splashed on top of each glass, or stuck into the layers to stick out the top. Consider sprinkling fresh mint leaves to add a little green to your dessert verrines, or adding some cinnamon sticks or veggie shavings so they flow out of the top of the glasses.

With verrines, the possibilities are truly endless.

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