Schratter Foods Launches New Products


Schratter Foods, Inc., the marketers of Ile de France fine gourmet cheeses, has launched extensions of the brand’s popular Camembert and chèvre (goat cheese) lines. The announcement was made by Alain Voss, President and CEO of Schratter Foods, Inc., at the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA) annual trade show, held earlier this month in Washington, D.C.
Boasting a more intense flavor and distinctively different taste than Brie is Ile de France’s new Camembert Crémeux (Creamy Camembert). An extremely creamy cheese featuring an ivory color and intense mushroom and nutty aftertaste, Camembert Crémeux will be sold in Ile de France’s exclusive “Extended Freshness package.
The new technology -- which features a parchment-wrapped Camembert packed in a freshness sealed box -- preserves the cheese flavor much longer without losing any of its original qualities. The process enables the cheese to age to perfection and stop its evolution until the seal is broken when opened. Ile de France products already benefiting from this proprietary technology that extends shelf life are its 4.5 oz. Brie and Brie au Bleu (Blue Brie). Camembert Cremeux’s smaller size (4.5 oz.) makes it perfect for intimate consumption and will be available to retailers in July 2004.
For more than 70 years, since Schratter first began importing Brie under the Ile de France imprint, the brand has signified superior quality and authentic taste, said Mr. Voss. With this innovative technology, we have further established ourselves as industry leaders and have provided cheese lovers with fine gourmet products with virtually no risk of perishability.
Exclusive to Ile de France and available for the first time in a ready-to-make version is Chèvre Chaud -- mini fresh goat cheese delicately coated in toasted bread crumbs. A renowned dish from gourmet French restaurant chefs, Chèvre Chaud requires only a few minutes of heating in a Teflon pan and, once heated, features a warm, crispy exterior, complemented by the natural freshness of the goat cheese. It will be available to retailers in September 2004 in 1.8 oz (2 mini chèvre) and 2.6 oz. (4 mini chèvre) sizes.
Two other new sophisticated products -- which derive from mixing a flavorful paste of pungent ingredients with the brand’s classic fresh goat cheese -- join Ile de France’s distinguished line of chèvre products. The 10.5 oz. Petite Bûche de Provence and 4 oz. Bûchette de Provence will be available in Black Olive Tapenade and Tomato & Basil Tapenade in July 2004.
Already a market leader, Ile de France’s Petit Bûche and Bûchette are the only chèvre made from fresh, premium-quality and rich-tasting goat’s milk from the French Rhône Alps. The flavorful new line additions are ideal to crumble on fresh salads or serve on toast points with cocktails.

Like all Ile de France products, the new line extensions will be sold in supermarket specialty cheese centers and gourmet food shops nationwide. Chèvre Chaud will also be available to food service distributors. For additional information on Ile de France, please visit the Web site at

Founded in 1928 by Alfred Schratter, New Jersey-based Schratter Foods, Inc. is a leading importer of specialty foods, including gourmet cheeses, chocolate and pâté. Its specialty cheese division, ANCO Fine Cheese, offers a wide range of category-management services, including merchandising, marketing and training. Schratter Foods, Inc. is a subsidiary of Bongrain SA, the worldwide leader of specialty cheeses.

NOTE TO MEDIA: Color artwork of Ile de France’s new products are available upon request