How to: Roquefort Cheesecake

Make the Perfect Savory Blue Cheese Cheesecake

Everyone has had cheesecake. But not like this. Sinfully savory and extravagantly creamy, Roquefort cheesecake overwhelms the palate with flavor. It's the ultimate savory and sweet combination!

A delicious balance of intense flavors, a cheesecake made with Ile de France Roquefort creates a sumptuous interior texture. The famous blue cheese has a pungent aroma and full-bodied flavor that's salty and satisfying. The flavor is much richer than traditional sweet cheesecake but its consistency and texture is deliciously familiar.

Feel free to get creative with how you serve this simple recipe. Fresh fruits or preserves are delicious and add a nice sweet contrast if served as a topping or on the side. Pears are particularly delicious with Roquefort - their smooth, mellow sweetness offers the ideal contrast.

Try serving Roquefort cheesecake any time you're enjoying wine. It's a real treat at wine tasting parties because the Roqeufort stands up to any full-flavored vintage. The pungent blue cheese flavor will be a prominent guest at any party - but it's the perfect full-flavored contrast to strong wines and hearty, celebratory meals.

Click here for our delicious Roquefort Cheesecake recipe.

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