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At, our focus is community - the one you help create!

If you haven’t started enjoying all that we have to offer, we invite you to get in on the action.

Enhanced Community coming in September!

1. Get Personal
The new is a place for community members to share their passion for gourmet cheese. We care about all things fromage - cooking, pairing, learning, savoring - and your input matters to us. On the site, you can add your own recipes, submit helpful tips, and share your opinions on the new content we provide every month. This is your Web community, and your contribution only enhances it. You might even learn a thing or two - and so will we!

2. Receive Extra Info
As a member, you can preview the content we suggest for the upcoming month and tell us what you’d enjoy reading about. You’ll receive our quarterly gourmet magazine, “Recipe Corner,” which is full of mouth-watering recipes prepared with cheeses from all over the world. Best of all, the magazine is sent straight to your inbox. You will also discover special cheese platter suggestions for the holidays. Très bien!

3. Win
Who doesn’t like to win? Here is your chance to take home gourmet prizes awarded to the most active community members. There will be new games and quizzes available as well, so you’ll stay entertained throughout the month.

4. Coupons
Saving is essential. That’s why we’ll be offering exclusive online coupons on a selection of gourmet French cheeses. Just print them out and use them wherever Ile de France cheese is sold.

But wait! There’s more!

In addition to all these enticing member benefits, every month we feature fresh, exciting new content for all of you cheese lovers.

This month on, you can learn how long your cheese can last; what produce makes the best warm-weather fare; which summer wines pairings enhance your cheese selections; and, of course, easy, breezy recipes that will leave your guests begging to know your secret. You can tell them it’s no secret at all. It’s just

A bientôt !