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Refreshingly Simple Summer Salads

Unleash the fresh flavors of summer with cheese-infused salads!

Heavy meals are out and light, fresh options are in! It's all part of the season – after all, who wants to bake lasagna in the summer heat?

So tone down the meals but don't be satisfied with lightweight flavor – savor these delicious summer salad combinations! They are delicious before entrées, add zest to BBQs and are hearty enough to make satisfying snacks

- Watermelon and Goat Cheese is a wildly luscious combination. Cheese may not be the first thing that comes to mind when cutting a watermelon, but our goat cheese has a fresh flavor that makes them utterly refreshing together. The perfect appetizer on scorching afternoons, the pairing makes a fun and satisfying finish to any hot summer day. To make it happen, simply crumble some Ile de France Goat Cheese over watermelon wedges. Top with olive oil, salt and pepper and serve with sliced baguette.

- Our Avocado with Fruit and Goat Cheese Salad is another uniquely summer combination. Mango, papaya and peaches combine with avocado and our slightly salty Goat Cheese to create the ultimate summer combination. A dash of cayenne pepper rounds out the flavors perfectly.

- Adding Brie Cheese, strawberries and almonds is a great way to turn a mundane green salad into something special. Sweet strawberries add zest to freshly tossed lettuce, while Ile de France Brie and strawberries pair perfectly together. The crunch of sliced almonds gives the mixture even more texture. Brie cut into bite size pieces, sliced strawberries and almonds taste the best with a light balsamic vinaigrette dressing and Romaine lettuce.

- Blue Cheese and kale makes a unique summer salad. Kale offers an ultra-healthy alternative to regular lettuce and Ile de France Roquefort brings more than enough flavor to make it delicious. Any vinaigrette dressing will taste great with the combination. Add a bit of crushed garlic and garnish with walnuts and raisons to create a memorable salad that's jam-packed with nutrients.

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